Plugin Development

Looking for a plugin? Need player statistics? What about administration tools? BattlePlugins has created and released over twenty plugins for multiple purposes since February 2012.

Web Development

BattlePlugins now has a web development team! We create beautiful, modern websites for Minecraft or general purposes. For more information and pricing, contact us through IRC.


Support for our users is extremely important. We try and answer any questions you may have about our services or Bukkit in general. We provide support through our Bukkit plugin pages, GitHub, or IRC.


BattlePlugins is dedicated to providing the best experience for our users. We are always improving our plugins, website, and tools. If you have any improvements or ideas, don't hesitate to tell us.


BattlePlugins was founded by lDucks and Alkarin_V in February of 2012. Our team consists of only five official developers and seven official support volunteers. With over 20 plugins under our belt, we have accumulated over one million downloads. Our largest plugin, BattleArena, accounts for over one third of our total plugin downloads. As of the start of 2014, BattlePlugins has expanded it's team to include server management and web development. We have created websites for a large amount of Minecraft server and development teams. We have created countless guides and tutorials for running and maintaining servers, and developing plugins. To join the BattlePlugins team, contact us in our IRC channel.